Preschool Boy

As children learn through play their school experience is educational and fun! For instance sand play develops coordination, is sensory, promotes sharing, is the beginning of estimating and measuring, and they discover the physical properties of wet/dry sand. Crafts develop fine motor skills, creativity, oral language, progressive skills, and literacy by relating drawn pictures with the printed form (books).

Water play is a sensory experience where a child explores the properties of water, is the beginning of estimating and measuring, and is entertaining to all children. Block play develops oral language, releases energy, encourages planning, develops large muscle control, and the child learns to work with others and share. Space limitations and structure come into play as well. Housekeeping centre allows for self expression through familiar roles, develops oral language and social skills, sharing, and making friends. The Book Centre enlarges vocabulary, listening skills, interest in stories, visual perception (left to right, top to bottom), and caring for books. Music develops listening skills, stimulates to create in areas of rhythm, melody and movement, and encourages using sensitive imaginative language (soft, loud, fast, slow, high, and low). Puzzles develop eye hand coordination, visual perception, and self-esteem upon completion.

  • structured and unstructured time is balanced
  • we provide a developmentally age appropriate program
  • language and literacy development
  • theme based units
  • daily arts and crafts
  • gym access
  • professional music program
  • encourage self-esteem and confidence
  • problem solving
  • pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math skills
  • intro to French (Pre-K)

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