Giving Your Kids the Tools to Thrive!

preschool girl

In order to teach the whole child, we recognize that the emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs must be met in a safe, challenging, creative, and nurturing environment. Self esteem, competence, and leadership are developed by building success upon success with reassurance and support.

Tools for Kids Preschool will provide children with a foundation of tools for lifetime learning by offering a developmentally appropriate program. We recognize that each child has varied abilities, interests, needs, and learning styles and our philosophy is to encourage children to experience a balance between structured and open-ended classroom activities.

Children will be exposed to pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math skills as well. Positive and challenging early education can stimulate a desire for learning in children and prepare them for enhanced learning experiences. This promotes intellectual growth, physical development (fine and gross motor), social/emotional discipline, and language and literacy expansion. Tools for Kids Preschool hosts a learning environment providing stimulation and opportunities to explore, challenge, and experience success including problem solving.

Communication is the key to building positive connections beginning with guidance and respect. Opportunities are given to the child to promote optimal development in all domains by providing age appropriate materials to enhance the child’s learning capabilities and to build their self-esteem. Once this entire criterion is met the child is primed to learn from the world around them. We provide children the tools they need to succeed.

Building tomorrow’s future!